Event Management

At Kevents our mission as an event organiser is to create and deliver the most amazing events. We expertly plan and manage events for some of the leading brands, blending creativity with innovation and flawless delivery. Corporate event planning can be a daunting task, but we have the necessary experience.

Conference Management

Successful conference management can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if you are a perfectionist and devote much deserved time and attention to detail. Our conference management arm is designed to help you get your message across to your audience in the most effective, professional way.

Wedding Planning

Wedding planning should be one of the happiest experiences of your life. However, it can be rather stressful and overwhelming when you are not sure where to find exactly what you want. With the help of our wedding management team, you save precious time and money, freeing up time and space to enjoy the big day and the build-up to it.


We execute organized exhibitions so that our clients in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, service, study activities of rivals and examine recent trends and opportunities. Through our exhibitions we provide our clients excellent opportunities to meet their customers face to face and provide them their services/supply.We provide you the state of the art trade show booths to attract people towards you and help you showcase them your products, services and ideas.

Corporate Events

Our Corporate events include fun activities to break up the monotony of long meetings, act as icebreakers for team members who don’t know one another well, or unify and rejuvenate a company of any size. With the daily business of work providing little opportunity for social interaction, our events maximizes the chance to offer a break from the usual. Our Corporate event activities could include a number of team building exercises designed to promote interaction, creative thinking, problem solving, organizational development and relaxation.

Themed Birthday Parties

Birthday parties spell fun, be it the 1st, 25th, 70th or something in between or beyond! We help you plan your party in style, taking care to ensure impeccable execution.We arrange picture-perfect venues, imaginative and breathtaking styling, delicious food and the best party entertainment available.

Balloon Decoration

During weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers or any kind of personal events or official parties, as stage decorators in Vellore, we can go for the best types of arrangements. While there are flower decorators in Chennai and other stage decorators in Chennai, our forte lies in the unique ways in which balloon decoration can be carried out creating a themed party or brightly coloured arrangement with the use of balloons. In birthday party, there are plenty of decorative materials used. In case of weddings or baby showers, balloons can be used as part of the decor creating a theme or variety of designs to suit the occasion.

Flower Decoration

Flowers are attractive when used properly, in right positions, colours and use of buds and full petal designs. Depending on the venue, outdoor or indoor, we use the flower decoration judiciously to bring the best in terms of colour and appearance. Beautiful flowers arranged in different styles will greet your guests and create a vibrant ambience, which will add to your occasion, be it a wedding ceremony or a birthday party. For all occasions, our flower kevents will come up with something special, which will mark your successful and satisfied party.